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Industry and Platform Solutions

Our industry solutions and platforms—backed by outcome oriented commercial constructs—deliver next-level performance at a reduced cost, leading to increased profitability.
By erasing the operating inefficiencies that slow growth, we’ll help you create and capture value and improve your business outcomes. With our industry know-how and process expertise, we’ll show you how to implement ready-made industry solutions, platforms and processes. Together, they combine to accelerate your digital transformation to a more agile enterprise.
With a structured approach, enterprises can ensure that the platforms, applications and processes that underpin their business will be adaptable, flexible and ready to deliver the digital goods.

Healthcare - 
OPA brings together the automation insights and ready-to-deploy, best-in-class processes and platforms that healthcare companies require to move their operations closer to customers to provide the personalized engagement they demand.
As a result, businesses are freed from managing cumbersome processes that do not set them apart in the market and drain their resources to instead create new products, focus on customer experience and build a strong competitive differentiation.

Travel and Hospitality - 
Our services leverage the latest digital technologies to help our travel and hospitality clients better connect processes with the customer experience and decrease operational costs.
Just as the digital revolution is transforming the customer experience, so too are major shifts in store for internal operations in travel companies, hotels and restaurants.We provide services that help travel companies reinvent finance operations, enhance the customer experience and automate routine tasks at speed and scale.
From the back office to the front desk, OPA helps major brands unlock agility with automation—and leverage the power of digital to return to their roots as a people-first industry.

Retail - 
Continuous price fluctuations, stiff competition and ever-changing demands for more innovative products continue to challenge retailers. By digitizing retail processes, companies can respond faster and better to customer needs and market signals.
We provide services that help retailers streamline finance operations, enhance the customer experience and improve store operations management at speed and scale.
From offering omnichannel marketing analytics to best-in-class finance and accounting solutions, OPA has the retail and technology experience that will help you remain relevant to consumers—and respond quickly to a changing digital environment.

Energy and Utility - 
At OPA, we work with clients in all stages of their transformation journey—from blueprinting an overall digital approach to integrating internet of things (IoT) data with business processes. It’s no wonder why so many energy and utilities leaders choose us as their partner, including five of the top 10 utilities in North America and two of the Big Six in the UK.

Manufacturing - 
From analytics and automation through AI, new digital skills and technologies are changing how manufacturers work. Yet leadership in the digital economy requires more than smart factories and integrated systems. It also demands new capabilities that empower you to make critical business decisions based on real-time contextual data.

It’s the biggest opportunity of the age and OPA is here to help you make the transition effectively.

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